We help businesses become and stay profitable.

Our Mission: Help 10,000 businesses, world-wide, become and stay profitable by 2030

We envision a world where business owners are financially empowered to make confident decisions, build profitable businesses and never again stress about a bill.

We obsess over financial details so you don't have too. We love saving money and we love saving you money.

Our goal is to share the framework we've built at Pinto with the world, to help everyone build a profitable and successful business.

— Ben, Pinto's Financial Architect & Founder


Pinto creates a great feedback loop to gain insight to my business financials. It's super helpful to get the team's commentary on how I can keep doing better.

Michele Byrne, Owner of paper&stuff

Our Belief

We believe that businesses should produce profits for their owners.

We are simplifying small business finance to empower entrepreneurs to focus on what truly matters. Achieving your goals, making money, and living your life! We believe that you should build a profitable business, not your paperwork skills.

Our Core Values

We rely on these core values to guide our identity on who we want to be for ourselves and our customers.

Be An Owner
Like our customers we want everyone to act like an owner. Be responsible and accountable for our work, work hard and be rewarded for it.
Be Human
Learn quickly from mistakes, continually improve, and be resourceful to get the job done.
Win The Right Way
Speak up, tell the hard truths, be transparent, and be intentional to do the right thing.
Collaboration Wins
Share in other peoples success and be open to crazy ideas. Collective teamwork is stronger than the individual.
Always Be Changing
You either get better or your get worse, you never stay the same. Fight to get better.
Pinto User

Pinto's service is more cost effective than a bookkeeper on staff (but you literally get one), you can manage your business cleanly with their monthly reports, and you don't have to worry about it at all. I don't promote things often, but when I do, it's because I'm a believer. I 100% promote Pinto to business owners.

Joel Allen
Owner of GoEdison

What's in a name?

The name "Pinto" is a nod to this ancient practice of bean counting.

Bean counting is an accounting practice that has been around for centuries. It refers to the use of beans to represent value or currency, and the beans were counted to keep track of transactions. This practice back to ancient civilizations, such as the Incas and the Aztecs, who used cocoa beans as currency.

We believe that the principles of simplicity, accuracy, and transparency that were essential to bean counting are still relevant today in the modern world of finance.

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