Doing Business As (DBA)

A doing business as (DBA or d/b/a) name is a pseudonym that you can use for your business. DBAs are also called trade names, fictitious names, or assumed names. You can register a DBA if you don’t want to use your personal name or legal business entity name with customers and clients.

Doing Business As (DBA), also known as a trade name or fictitious name, refers to the practice of operating a business under a name other than the legal name of the business owner or entity. Small business owners may use a DBA when they want to conduct business and present themselves to the public under a different name that better represents their brand or services. Registering a DBA provides legal recognition, allowing the business owner to open bank accounts, accept payments, enter contracts, and obtain licenses and permits under the chosen trade name. It provides flexibility and allows small businesses to establish a unique identity in the market while maintaining their legal structure.